Ep 26: Squid Game (R.2021) Limited Series


A short, spoiler free review on Netflix’s huge hit Series, Squid Game. Directed by Dong-hyuk Hwang; starring Jung-jae Lee, Hae-soo Park, Lee Byung-Hun, and Hideo Kimura.

Hundreds of people in debt accept a mysterious invitation to compete in a high stakes tournament made up of Korean children’s games. The consolation prize? $45.6 Billion Wan, which estimates to roughly $38M.

DJ Skoob from the Undiscovered Entrepreneur Podcast joins Kris on REEL Film Reviewed this episode as they deep dive into the series!

Rated: TV-MA

REEL Review: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2

Time Stamps:

0m 0s – 5m 38s Spoiler Free

5m 39s – 46m 20s Spoiler Alert

Length: 1 hr. – 9 episodes

Viewable In/On: Netflix

Guest Info: Twitter @djskoob2021 Website – uepodcast.net Email: uepodcast2021@gmail.com


Show Notes:

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Published by Kris C.

Kris is the host of the REEL Film Reviewed podcast, the owner of REEL ProduCtions, LLC, (the capital C is intentional) and is an independent filmmaker.

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