Transcribed Ep 29: REEL Film Reviewed The Sip List’s Top 5 Heist Films

Crossover show with The Sip List, and Amanda the host.

REEL Film Reviewed –  Show Transcript

What’s up, everyone? So for this next episode, it is going to contain spoilers for the entire episode. Just wanted to give you a quick spoiler warning before we start. 

This is a crossover episode between REEL Film Reviewed and the Sip List. So my special guest is Amanda from the Sip List, and we will get into that episode now.


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Kris: Hey, everybody, what’s up? This is Kris with REEL Film Reviewed and I am here with Amanda of the Sip List. I know you all know who she is. What’s up, Amanda? 

Amanda: Not much. What is up with you? Ooh, my husband’s bringing me food. 

Kris: Oooh! What a great husband. I always hear about how wonderful your husband is soo…

Amanda: Aaaah, Well, he’s like a little kid, he’s good for the public, but behind closed doors, he’s a little brat. Sorry about that. It’s Saturday. It was a late night and a rough morning with my Sooners and I’m just now getting around to the things like eating and whatever.

Kris: Yes, we got the important things out of the way. The football first. 

Amanda: Yes

Kris: Now we can get to know important things out of the way with the drinking before my game starts at 4:30; Being a Trojans fan, [Laughs] I hope to be good and anchored by the half time.

There’s been a lot of crazy upsets lately in football, so I’m kind of curious. 

Amanda: I know every year, being a Sooners fan, you’re always kind of like, this is going to be our year. This year I didn’t really think that, but then we came in where we ranked number one. I don’t know. It’s been so long ago, but, you know, definitely top ranked and now it’s just like we’re falling apart. But then we’re also. I mean, a win is a win. But, man, that was sloppy.

Kris: Yeah, that’s the thing about the NCAA and the different tournaments and the different conferences is you can’t afford to lose games. I already know our season is over at three losses, 

Amanda: Right. So speaking of drinking, did you like that segue? [Laughs] What are you drinking? 

Kris: I actually was drinking Mudslide this morning, which is for some reason I haven’t drank that in a long time. It’s a bit of a classic, but I decided to switch over to my Pennsylvania Dutch holiday Eggnog only comes out around the holiday seasons. I don’t know if it’s available anywhere else, but it’s got, like, four different alcohols in it. It’s wonderful. I don’t even really care for eggnog at all, but this is amazing. 

Amanda: Okay, interesting. Mudslide still sound a little heavy, but I used to drink Grasshoppers a lot. Those are. So it’s like a Girl Scout cookie mixed with alcohol.

Kris: That’s my mom. I was like, you don’t think this is. You drink mudslide in the morning, right? She’s the only other person I knew that drank mudslides. Yeah. I mean, it’s got vodka in it, so Orange juice versus chocolate milk is not really much of a dish. The point is, I’m eating. So that’s good.

Amanda: I’m at the age where I drink whatever I want, whenever I feel like it. I don’t care what anyone thinks.

Kris: I think I’ve done that since I was 18. So it’s okay.

Amanda: There you go.

Kris: Now at 33, I Super don’t care. I’m like, oh, cool. Awesome. I’m glad I got this for the morning.

Amanda: Exactly. Well, I didn’t have any champagne this morning only because we don’t have any. So I’m actually drinking beer, and I am drinking the beer is called Feisty Blonde, and it’s HopFusion Ale Works, they say it’s a light beer and it is light, but it’s pretty stout, so kind of got, like, some hints of vanilla, but it’s still a blonde, but it’s not like a super light beer that you can just throw back a million of them. Not that I’m going to, but it’s good. I like it.

Kris: That’s perfect. I’m a bit of a craft beer drinker myself. So my mainstream craft beer would be that I really like, are the Belgian white. So I like, Shock Top, Blue Moon. Those are like my top. So yeah, I probably love that.

Amanda: I like Blue Moon. I try to do — We have a few local ones that I like to drink. This local buzz. I like, because I like the honey Bee on it. And the Dallas — Deep Ellum Brewing Company Dallas Blonde is good. So beer today. So why not? 

Kris: Yeah. Why not? 

Amanda: Sorry people, no wine. So we’re going to do a top five today. So that kind of goes along with my format. But you’re also going to do your Reel Reviews of each movie, but you’re just going to do the ranking. Is that right?

Kris: Yes. My spin on it is REEL Film Review, the SipList top five. So I’ll throw just my REEL view on there, which is my star ranking, which is half a star to five stars. Difficult to get five stars, I will say that. There are some movies on here that I feel emotionally are five stars. But…

Amanda: Okay, what are some movies that you have given five stars to?

Kris: On my show? I’ve actually only given one, and that was Love and Monsters. And the justification for it was; it wasn’t necessarily needed to be justified, but I thought it was: one. It was an amazing movie. It was refreshingly original, and it was the only end of world movie that I’ve seen that did not involve vampires, aliens or zombies. 

Amanda: Nice. 

Kris: And I loved that. It was wonderful, and it was done great. And there was very very little continuity and technical errors for how much they were able to accomplish when you look at the actual goose, like, even on IMDb, they’re all kind of opinion. And I’m like, you can’t call that a flaw in a movie that may just be something that you didn’t agree with, but it’s not a continuity error, and it’s not a technical error. So for me, if it’s not something that stood out to me, I won’t rank it down for that. 

Amanda: Okay, that’s fair.

Kris: But hence why the Halloween movies will just never get 5 for me. I was thinking about you when I was watching Halloween II, so now that I’ve made it through, I’m getting the next one I have is Halloween 6. And I’m like, I feel like I should just skip this.

Amanda: I mean, for the sake of watching all the movies you have to watch it. 

Kris: Absolutely. Yeah, 

Amanda: you won’t watch it again. I’m telling you. 

Kris: I don’t think I can watch 5 again, if not just to make fun of it like they did on Mystery Science Theater. [Laughs]

Amanda: It’s not good, but 6 is worse and I still maintain that 6 is worse than Resurrection, but I got some pushback on that. So whatever.

Kris: I was thinking, I could go and watch Rob Zombie’s, too, and be good. No, I hate it.

Amanda: It’s so awful. 

Kris: It’s bad.

Amanda: I had to watch it the other day because my daughter likes it and she was in a mood. And so I was like, Fine, we’ll watch the movie, and I was like, this is just pure shit. All right. Well, since we are on the Sip List as well, we have to do some Sip Libs before we start. So for the people who are not familiar with the Sip List, we do Mad Libs on the show, and I call them Sip Libs because I do what I want. And so basically, the way these work is, we fill in the words. I don’t get to see what it says until the end, so we’ll be enjoying it at the same time. This one is just called Movie Quotes part two. So we’ll see what it is. The last one I did, that was just the first movie quotes. One ended up being something from Braveheart, and it was pretty funny. So would you like to do all of them, or would you like to alternate with me?

Kris: I’ll alternate. 

Amanda: Okay, I’m going to let you start so you can set the tone. Verb 

Kris: Work. 

Amanda: Okay. And I have a verb. I’m going to say Rob, since we’re talking about heist movies. Okay plural noun.

Kris: Crew

Amanda: Okay Crews

Kris: Crews work

Amanda: Sweet. Okay plural noun for me, I’m going to say hot guys. Some of my movies have some hot guys. Okay. A liquid

Kris: Semen.

Amanda: Nice. Thank you. We need one. Body part. Oh, man. 

Kris: Go for it. 

Amanda: I guess you got to say penis because I feel like those two are going to be close to the same sentence. So occupation.

Kris: Hooker.

Amanda: Should we say sex worker, just kidding. [Laughs] plural noun? Let’s see. How about handcuffs and plural noun from you? 

Kris: Coins. 

Amanda: Okay. Okay. So I’m looking ahead just a little bit. There is not one adjective on this list. How am I supposed to leave off certifiably fuckable. I’m just going to throw it in somewhere while I’m reading it. Okay. You’ve heard my show enough to know that one, right? 

Kris: I was about to say, like that’s definitely in there somewhere. [Laughs]

Amanda: Okay. A verb. Lets say… I’m going to say, fuck. It’s very versatile.

Kris: It is. 

Amanda: Okay. Body part plural. 

Kris: Boobies.

Amanda: Good one, boobies [Laughs] Okay. Verb.

Kris: Jerking. [Laughs]

Amanda: Yes. Jerk. Okay. Exclamation. Okay. There we go. Certifiably fuckable. 

Kris: There you go. Perfect. I was glad I didn’t have to worry about the adjective. I’m like, I’m handled for that. [Laughs] 

Amanda: Okay. A verb.

Kris: Hang. 

Amanda: I get a noun. Okay. So for noun, I’m going to say movie, and then last one, verb ending in S.

Kris: Steels.

Amanda: Okay, let’s see what we got. Okay, so let’s see. This is like a conversation back and forth. Okay. You work for me. You get to rob the English. Yes, I’ve heard Kills crews by the hundreds. And if he were here, he’d consume the English with hot guys from his eyes and bolts of semen from his penis. 

[Both Laugh]

I’m a hooker. I haven’t got the luxury of handcuffs. That’s like I haven’t got the luxury of fuckers. Okay. I have long feared that my coins would return to haunt me. And the cost would be more than I can fuck. [Laughs] Love gives you boobies. It makes you jerked. I don’t even call it love. I call it certifiably fuckable. When you’re in love, you’ll hang right from the top of the movie and you won’t care. Screaming certifiably fuckable the whole way down. I love her so bad she just steals me. I’d die for her. Okay, so this is the exact same one that I did on the other one. It’s from Braveheart. I was like, Why does this sound familiar? You’ll hang right from the top of the movie and scream Certifiably fuckable the whole way down. I like, it.

Kris: Nice. Awesome. 

Amanda: All right. Interesting. Okay. So we’re going to do our list top five heist movies, which I don’t know if we actually said. And so this is our first time talking to each other. We’ve been messaging a lot. So just based on the little we know about each other, do you want to guess how many you think we’ll have in common? 

Kris: I’m going to guess that we maybe have two. I’ll say maybe two. So with that, maybe at least one. So I’m going to shoot for two because I think we just have, especially with this topic. There’s a lot of great ones out there, so there might be some crossovers, but I tried to avoid that. There was a couple of them that I opted for, and I went the other way because I’m kind of my listeners. Now I’m a little bit finicky with my choices.

Amanda: Okay. 

Kris: So that’s the first thing. My number five is actually not in order of my real views. So the rankings, actually, I can re rank them, but it’s according to what I felt one through five. But the rankings might be less.

Amanda: And that’s fine, because for the way I do things, these are supposed to be an order of what you like the best. You know like, 

Kris: Exactly

Amanda: Because we get a lot of commentary. Not like that. But just like, well, do you really think that movie belongs in the top five of heist movies? And I would be like, well, if I’m looking at it from a critical standpoint, maybe not, but that’s not what I’m doing. I’m telling you, the ones I like the best. So there’s a difference.

Kris: Exactly.

Amanda: And that’s what makes movies great. Sp…

Kris: Exactly. Watch them or don’t watch them. [Laughs]

Amanda: Exactly. Okay, well, I’m going to say one. I don’t know exactly how you do everything, but I feel like there’s one that probably isn’t super obvious, but I feel like would be a movie that you would enjoy that I enjoy, too. So we’ll see. I’m interested to see what you have, because there’s a lot of obvious ones. And as much as I tried to stay away from some of the obvious ones, they’re also some of my favorites.

Kris: Exactly.

Amanda: All right. So what do you have for number five? 

Kris: Okay. So I’m ready with alternates, just in case I have my honorable mentions. But just in case it’s not accepted, because this one probably is listed on more of a mindbender. So my number five was Inception by Christopher Nolan, and I thought about it because heist movies is theft and what is the ultimate theft but other than thought of the mind and actually extract. So I’m like, that’s pretty good, even though it wasn’t the end goal of that movie. 

Amanda: Yeah.

Kris: I couldn’t leave that off. So I did. I chose Inception. 

Amanda: That’s interesting, because when I was going over my long list with my husband, he said Inception, and I was like, really? And then I thought about just what you said, and that’s what he says. They’re trying to steal your mind. That’s pretty fucked up. And I was like, it did not make my list. But I totally see where you’re coming from. And for my opinion, anyway, I’m not going to knock any of your choices. If you consider it to be a Heist movie, I’m going to let you have it. So don’t worry about that. 

Kris: Yeah, of course. 

Amanda: Good one.

Kris: More points for your husband again. [Laughs]

Amanda: Yes, he threw that one and another one on my list that didn’t make the top five, but it’s an honorable mention as well. So we’ll see. But yeah, no good choice. What’s your actual ranking of that movie? 

Kris: All right. Yes. The REEL view. I gave it four stars, and the reason was it was a phenomenal movie. But because of the controversial ending, and for me, that was kind of like my test. Anybody that I dated after I saw that movie, it was just like, okay, but what did you think of Inception, though? What happened at the end? 

Amanda: Interesting. No, that’s a good one. Well, the first time I saw it, I don’t know if you’ve heard this story on my show, I won’t tell the whole story, but suffice to say, I was so drunk, I don’t even remember half of the movie. And probably because we didn’t watch the first half of the movie anyway. [Laughs] It’s a good story, but, yeah, it’s really good. I had to go watch it again. It’s not something I would watch over and over, but it was definitely a good movie.

Kris: For sure. Yeah. I don’t think there’s too many of his mind benders. I can watch over and over, but can still find them. Oh, it was good, but. Yeah, not again. 

Amanda: Yeah, exactly. Like I can watch The Dark Night over and over, but that’s, like, different.

Kris: Exactly. That’s not his mind Bender. Really? 

Amanda: Yeah, exactly. Inception is like, I need a nap after I watch that. 

Kris: Right. That and Interstellar. I’m like, okay. I am pretty sure I have it. [Laughs]

Amanda: Yeah, well, my number five is the 2010 movie Takers. Yeah and Takers get some heat, because people think it’s a rip off of Heat, and I see that. But to me, it’s like Heat meets a GQ cover shoot. There are so many gorgeous men in this movie and women. Zoe Saldana is phenomenal. I really like it. And you get the rappers turned actors, to which T.I. was actually pretty good. I was not unimpressed with his performance, and everybody has their own backstory. You’ve got the cop with his kid who’s got cancer and he can’t afford his medical bills. And then you’ve got this leader of this high profile heist gang with this drug addict sister that he’s constantly having to take care of. And then basically they’re all these robbers. And then one of the guys that was part of their game gets out of jail and comes back and convinces them all; Basically, you owe me. You’re going to do this one more heist and his ex-girlfriend is now with one of the other guys in the gang. So there’s just all this different stuff going on and then the action and it’s just a really beautiful movie, and I like it. 

Kris: It’s a good, solid combination. It’s everything. It meets everything that a heist movie should be, so.  Very entertaining and I happen to love T.I. in the music world as well as the acting world, even when the movie is a little bit out there, ATL was a little bit out there with the roller skating, but he was still. Yeah, it’s okay, you can skip that one.

Amanda: I thought he was pretty good actually in this movie because I wasn’t expecting much either. But I thought his emotional performance as much as it could be, was really good because as far as — I don’t think he was meant to be super emotional, but he’s meant to be, like, pissed off, but in a contained way. I thought he did a good job. And of course, Idris Elba and Paul Walker and Michael Eli, there are no unattractive people in this movie. I would say Matt Dylan is the least attractive if he’s still hot. Jay Hernandez. My God. Give me Jay Hernandez all day. Okay. 

Kris: Good old Jay. 

Amanda: Yeah. He’s so cute. So what do you have for number four?

Kris: We’re kind of on track. We both picked 2010 movies. 

Amanda: Okay.

Kris: So my number four is 2013’s Now You See Me. Freaking love this movie. I just absolutely loved it from — I don’t want to say I’m a magic fan, but when I was a kid, I really enjoyed the masked magician. He had, like, a silver mask. I loved him. My dad liked David Blaine. I thought he was a bit eccentric, but some of his card tricks were pretty cool. Yeah, his whole Levitating thing was a bit much, but his card tricks and things like that were pretty cool when they weren’t super out there. So I’ve always been a big fan of on stage magicians and things like that. So The Prestige and stuff were also great films.

But, Now You See Me, I really enjoyed obviously, they combined it with robbing banks and things like that and then also, like, true heist fat fashion and it was really hard for me to not put The Sting on my list, but in true highest fashion, you have a good twist and I love the twist that was in that film as well. And it wasn’t one that you could really see coming, but you could. And that’s what I enjoyed about it as well. So, yeah, the second one not as great, but definitely the first one.

Amanda: Yeah. So that’s my number three. 

Kris: I love it.

Amanda: And that is the one I thought we would have in common. There’s one more that I think we might, but, yeah, you’re combining bank robberies, giving back to other people and magic. What’s not like about that? Not to mention again, stellar cast love Jesse Eisenberg. He’s so, like, sharp and witty in, like, a subtle way. Mark Ruffalo. I adore him, Woody Harrelson, Michael Caine and even Iowa Fisher. I thought she was really good. Dave Franco. Anyway, sorry. It’s a really good movie. I didn’t see that twist coming, and I’ve never tried to see — because I’ve watched it several times, and I’ve never tried to see. Could I have seen this coming? It was a good surprise. I liked it. Great movie. Yeah. Love it. Okay. Well, there’s one. I’m excited. All right. So, yeah, that was my number three. All right. My number four is going to be probably the most obvious one on the list and it’s 2001, Ocean’s Eleven.

I know it’s a super obvious choice, but that’s for a reason. This is like the ultimate Heist movie, minus the action scenes. Takers is different because you get, like, the action and the double crossing and all that. It’s really action packed, but Ocean’s Eleven is way more subtle and smart and just again, hot people all around. Not that that’s my age for everybody see Ocean’s Eleven. Everybody knows what it’s about, and the performances are amazing. It’s hard to go wrong with Clooney and Brad Pitt, Andy Garcia and Julia Roberts. I don’t even know how they were able to afford that cast, but I’m sure the movie made all its money back. So that’s a movie I’ll watch anytime it’s on, and I enjoy it.

Kris: That actually was my number two.

Amanda: Yay. Okay, cool. 

Kris: I thought we would have one of the Ocean’s. That’s one of the ones that I thought we would have in common with one of the Ocean’s movies and I was curious as to which one. But I’m like yeah, the first one is really the best. 

Amanda: Yeah. I mean, I will say I really liked Ocean’s Eight, the Sandra Bullock one. I know people were kind of like I actually thought it was pretty cool. I liked it, but the OG is where it’s at. And I’m sorry we didn’t get your REEL review on Now You See Me? 

Kris: Oh, my bad. Yes. So REEL review on Now You See Me is four and a half stars. So fitting. There were a couple of misdirects that I ended up catching, but they were hard to catch unless you were really paying attention. But I was trying to do this because it was a magician movie, and I felt like there would be a twist so I wasn’t trying to figure it out. I was just paying close attention to what the filmmakers were highlighting for us subtly, which is what I’m supposed to do when I’m REEL reviewing, but yeah. So that’s what I gave it. Four and a half stars. Probably one of the I think three on my list are four and a half stars.

Amanda: Oh, nice. Okay. So what about Oceans Eleven? Since we’re…

Kris: Ocean’s eleven? Yeah. Oceans Eleven was also four and a half stars. 

Amanda: Okay. Was there anything else you — I mean, I could go on about that, maybe forever so I won’t go too into it. But I think, ultimate heist movie. 

Kris: Yeah. I enjoyed it. It was a simplistic story. I liked the banter, and that’s what I really enjoyed was the chemistry between the cast and it was everybody because the characters that played Saul, like, just that one scene, not just Saul, but I can never remember his name. But when Matt Damon is sitting out on the pool before they all go into the house and he’s sitting out by the pool and he was like, yeah, you’re his kid, right? Or Billy’s kid, right? 

Amanda: Yeah.

Kris: And he was like, yeah, you live in Chicago. You like it there? He’s like, yeah, get in the goddamn house the way that they did and the foley Artists as well, that did the sound for that film. I know a lot of people don’t necessarily recognize things like that and call it out. But I noticed the sound a lot in films being a podcaster sound jumps out to me.

Amanda: Right?

Kris: The foley artists were just magnificent in that film, and the timing was just perfect. Very little things, really the thing that technically that ends up getting films like that is just continuity errors that end up just getting it from time to time. I’ll have to go back and actually look and see which one was the one, because I did write it down. I have to look and see what about Ocean’s Eleven? Because I was going to do a review on it on that whole collection.

Amanda: I will say one of the things I say, you know, how you just quote certain things from movies over and over and my husband, I speak fluently in movie quotes, but I will just go around just randomly whenever something’s going wrong and I’ll be like, we’re in Barney Barney Rubble, Trouble because nobody gets him.

Kris: And that’s the other thing is Don Cheadle and that whole scene with him. And I’m like, I like it. I’ll do it and very easily everybody’s like, Did you hate that? I’m like, no, actually, I’ll allow it.

Amanda: Definitely. The story is good, but yeah, the banter and the way it’s shot and the different storylines kind of coming together, it’s just all. Yeah, it’s fantastic. And I even liked Ocean’s Twelve a lot, too. No, wait, which one is one with Al Pacino? Is that 13? 

Kris: That may be 13? I think that might be 13. 

Amanda: I like that one a lot. I can’t remember, but I love Matt Damon with the whole what’s it called where he’s like, at the pheromones to get the lady all attracted to — He’s got that giant nose on them like, oh, my God. Anyway,

Kris: My favorite was the scene between Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Matt Damon, and they’re meeting with the guy in, like, the little restaurant or whatever. And they’re speaking in this kind of code and then just the cuts when they’re back and forth and they’re just looking at him like, going like this and I thought that was in Eleven, but it was actually in Twelve. And I’m like, okay, well, it’s still funny. 

Amanda: And then I think this one is 13 when they get Andy Garcia involved. And at the end he said all that money and they put him on Oprah, and he has to give it all away. 

Kris: Yes, that may be twelve. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what…

Amanda: I can’t remember. 

Kris: I know they all kind of blend. Yeah, Twelve and Thirteen kind of blend together to me, but, yeah, that was my thing and there was a little bit of a twist in Eleven as well. I expected that. I also saw the movie a little bit, like later on in life after it had come out. So the subtle hints were a little more obvious. But I expected that Danny Ocean was going to stay involved and like, he’s not going to be out. That fight may have been real, but he wasn’t going to be out. So there was a little bit of a twist, but I expected he was going to stay in. 

Amanda: Yeah, I enjoy that movie a lot. I only ranked it lower on the list just because it is a little cliche, not because it’s by any means a bad movie, because I’ll watch it anytime it’s on. I thought Now You See Me was a little bit better, and then the other ones, I just, like, a little bit more, but still. Okay. So that was your number two, right? 

Kris: Yes. 

Amanda: Okay. We should be on your number three now, right? 

Kris: Yes.

Amanda: Okay. 

Kris: So my number three is another really good one from 2010 but also what I felt was a little bit of a rip off of Heat, kind of cutting out the long winded musical scenes and that is Ben Affleck’s, The Town.

Amanda: That’s my number one. 

Kris: I was going to say, you probably have it on there. I know how you feel about Affleck. 

Amanda: Yes. That’s the other one I thought we might have in common. 

Kris: Yeah. I’ve always said not that he’s bad, but I have always just said that I prefer movies that he directs, so I like him better as a director than I do as an actor, even if he directs the movie that he happens to be in that’s okay with me, because he’s not, in my opinion, a bad actor. I just like him a little better as a director. So I know he had a hand in writing this. I know the other main writer was with Peter Craig, but his direction in the movies that he’s directed have been really good and this was kind of the first example, and I remember seeing the preview for it and then realizing it was a Ben Affleck film. I’m like, I’m going to check that out. That looks bad, and obviously watching it. It does have a lot of feel of Heat, but really well done. 

Amanda: Me too. I’ve seen it so many times. It’s intense, so to say, I will watch it anytime it’s on is pretty true. But also, it depends on my mood because it is a really intense movie. I just really loved the story. I loved that they’re robbing the banks, and then he falls in love with this girl that they’ve taken hostage. My main thing with the movie, and they do actually address it so I give them props for that, is how she recognizes his voice. But I do like that they acknowledge that when she’s like, I’m pretty sure I would recognize their voices, and he’s like, That’s harder than you might think. 

Kris: Yeah.

Amanda: But other than that, it’s good. And you’ve got Blake Lively. Oh, my God she’s so good in this movie. I don’t think — and her part was small, but I don’t feel like she got enough credit for this, right? 

Kris: Right, just the ability to flex back and forth with the accent, because that’s one of the things that a lot of actresses like, particularly musicians. I’ve always said that about Beyonce, that she’s not a bad actress, but I think she’s an irresponsible one because she doesn’t go to a voice coach to get the Atlanta out of her voice.

Amanda: I do not care for Beyonce as an actor. I don’t think she’s terrible, but I don’t know. 

Kris: Musicians who act, right?

Amanda: Yeah. Some are great. 

Kris: Some are, Ludacris is funny. [Laughs]

Amanda: God, I love him. He’s so good in the Fast and Furious movies, and he’s so handsome. 

Kris: He killed me in No Strings Attached. 

Amanda: Yeah, I forgot about that.

Kris: And that was the first movie that I saw him kind of away from all of that because, of course, we love him in The Fast and the Furious, but that’s basically playing who he is. But when you see him in No Strings Attached, where he’s kind of the odd man out, he was hilarious. I loved it. 

Amanda: The town. That was my number one. It’s amazing. Like I said the story, and then the friend who went to jail for them and then the girls, the connections that they all have and how hard it is to walk away from the story with the Florist. Really? Again. I mean, this at the beginning, the syphilis does not avoid spoilers. So if you’re in this far, you know, but when the florist tells him about how he killed his mom, and then I like, what he’s like, I’m going to come back here. I’m going to kill you in your own shop. Don’t forget who cooked your nuts for you. He shoots them right in the nuts. I love it. 

Kris: And that’s what I liked. I liked all of the revenge that was able to happen in this film. But also, I’m not a big fan of super happy endings. If it’s just for the fact of giving us a happy ending in this film, we could have got one, but they chose not to go around that. And one of my favorite parts of this, aside from the cast, is when she said, I really would like you to come and see me, it would be like one of my sunny days. And when she said that I was like, oh, I love it. Okay. Awesome. So that’s perfect. 

Amanda: Yeah. Because she didn’t have to do that and she had a lot of pressure on her not to. 

Kris: And that was the best part is that she completely saved face in front of the police. But us as the audience, we knew what was going on, and it’s always really good when we know something that people on screen don’t.

Amanda: Yes. I love that…

Kris: Yeah, when it’s like an inner secret, like, we also know the secret we’re not tricked along with. Normally, we’re tricked in heist movies. We’re usually along with the police. We’re tricked or the club owner or whoever it is–the casino over. Usually we’re on the trick side. So this time we were in the know. So I really enjoyed that. 

Amanda: Yeah. And I tend to like movies, which I don’t know if you heard this episode when we were counting down our favorite villains. I tend to like people that are villains, but that you also root for it’s–Like, Ben Affleck’s character is a bad guy, like he robbed banks, but you also see that he’s trying to get away from it, that he’s trying to get out, that he’s trying to do something different. And you can respect that, too. So I like to be able to root for a villain, and I think that’s another reason I like it. 

Kris: Well, that’s me all day. While I appreciate a good ending that may be victorious on the hero’s side, I love bad guys. And so as long as I don’t care if the bad guy loses, that’s not necessarily important. Usually I still want the hero to win, but I want the bad guy to be cool, to be a threat for the good guy to actually earn his good guy title. I want my good guy to be fucked up at the end of the movie. I really like my bad guys, and that’s why the Halloween movies are kind of difficult for me to go between because you love — I’m a scream person. That’s my franchise. So I love Sydney as the hero, and I love Laurie as the hero. But then I love Michael as the bad guy.

Amanda: Yes. Same. Okay. So we know that your number two is Ocean’s Eleven. So we’ve had three in common now, which is pretty impressive. So my number two is the only one I have left that I’m not sure you’re going to have because you’re about ten years younger than me, but who knows? Let’s just see because this movie is the OG of if you like The Fast and the Furious, you can’t skip this movie because it’s basically a rip off and it’s Point Break, 1991 Point Break, not the remake. 

Kris: Yeah. No, I would never — the new one. I didn’t even see the new one. 

Amanda: I had neither. So I remember watching The Fast and the Furious, like, the first one going — that was the first movie I ever watched that I felt was a straight rip off from a different story being Point Break. And of course, now The Fast And  The Furious, the whole franchise. So it didn’t matter. But I was like, didn’t we already watch this movie where the cop goes undercover and joins the gang to try to infiltrate their operation? But I love Point Break, you know Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze, and that’s another one where I almost kind of empathize with Patrick Swayze. He’s a little more like compared to Ben Affleck and Point Break. He’s a lot more brutal, so I don’t feel as bad for him. But at the end, when he’s like, I can’t go to jail, and then he just goes out into the water and it’s like, okay, he’s a free spirit. Yeah. Point Break has got everything you need. It’s got the cop that goes undercover learns to be a surfer and learns to rob banks so he can try to stop them. And, yeah, Fast and the Furious original. 

Kris: Definitely. And that’s…

Amanda: I love that movie

Kris: …when I was a kid. I don’t think I had seen the original Point–Well, obviously the new one had been out yet, but I didn’t see Point Break at that point yet when Fast and the Furious came out. So when I saw Point Break, thank god my film knowledge, I was like, oh, so Fast and the Furious just ripped this off and changed the story.

Amanda: Oh, yeah. Sorry. What is her name? Lori Petty. Her voice grates on my very last nerve. I’m like, I almost want to mute her when she’s talking anyways,sorry. So you didn’t have that one? I’m guessing, right. 

Kris: I did not have that one. No.

Amanda: That’s my oldest one obviously, we already know my number one. So it’s a great movie and robbers dress like presidents robbing banks. Cool. [Laughs]

Kris: If we can’t go wrong with that, that’s–I can’t remember what the math.–It’s been a little bit since I’ve seen that, but I was trying to–Clinton one of them? Clinton one of the masks that they have on? 

Amanda: No, because this was pre Clinton. 

Kris: Okay, that’s what I thought I was like. It’s not. It was like 91.

Amanda: Nixon was one of them.

Kris: That’s it.

Amanda: Nixon is the only one I remember, actually, probably because that was Patrick Swayze’s character. 

Kris: Yeah, well, that makes sense. 

Amanda: All right, so what’s your number one? 

Kris: My number one. And this might be cliche… 

Amanda: What was your review on The Town? 

Kris: Right. The Town. So the REEL review on The Town was four stars. 

Amanda: Okay.

Kris: And pretty much because it was still a really great story and a good–but Ben Affleck has been talked about in Hollywood, and there’s been jokes about it before where he takes credit for writing things that he doesn’t necessarily come up with. Not necessarily takes credit for it, but that he gets credited. I guess I’ll put it that way. He gets a lot of credit for things that he either does not write by himself, like Goodwill Hunting and stuff that he’s done. But in this, it was pretty much almost identical to Heat. There was just a lot of similarities, even with Robert De Niro’s character and Val Kilmer, the way that they interacted. Obviously, Jeremy Renner and Ben Affleck kicked it up a notch and they grew up together, and they had that history. But in the scenes when you’re watching the movie, I almost felt like I was watching The Town just a few years before that, in the scenes where they’re breaking down the crew and looking at them all after the heist and just the way that they break format. And they have that discrepancy between the crew. So that’s the reason why I kind of marked it down a little. Obviously, there are some slight continuity errors but…

Amanda: I get that for sure. I did feel like some of the editing was a little like–because I’ve seen the director’s cut, and then I’ve seen it like the regular version or whatever and it’s like okay. Some of those things needed to be kept in the story to really kind of like the part when Ben Affleck’s character is telling Jeremy Renner’s character that he’s leaving and he’s like, there’s people. I can’t let you walk away from talking about his sister, and she’s like, It’s not my kid. That just kind of comes out of left field where it’s like, okay, you can see where that connection could have been made, but I feel like there should have been more backstory about that whole dynamic, just little things like that. But I’m with you.

Kris: Yeah, I remember that it didn’t really confuse me, but you could tell that there was something cut out about that because the way that it was left in there was a lot that was left out. It was implied.

Amanda: Right, but not strongly. 

Kris: There wasn’t really any fact brought to that.

Amanda: Right. I mean, I think the only scene where you kind of get a bit of their history is when she finds them in the bar and she’s talking about, do you miss doing Oxy? And then she comes to his house and just fucks him and leaves, and I’m like, okay. [Laughs]

Kris: Yeah. I mean, he talks about her. He says he’s like, oh, you were with Shine, but that was it. There wasn’t really any. You don’t see him go to take care of her at any point. You don’t even see him helping her as a friend.

Amanda: He acts like he didn’t even like her. 

Kris: Exactly. It’s like he’s just trying to get away from her, like, oh, my god. But I’m still friends with your brother, which is kind of why I have to deal with you.

Amanda: Yeah, exactly. I’m with you. I thought it was a really good movie. There was something else I was going to say, but, yeah, whatever. Good review. I’m with you on that. Okay. So sorry. Now what’s your number one? 

Kris: All right. My number one; little bit cliche, but. And I know that it is a remake, The Italian Job by F. Gary Gray in 2003 that I gave four and a half stars as well. There were a few things that I noticed, not continuity errors, but just blatant errors where things where–the drill gun was stuck in the door and then removed and just random shots that were cut together and you could tell that things were not as they were previously. So they stood out a little bit. But the Italian job was just a lot of fun to watch and I know the original had Sir Michael Caine in it, which you can’t discredit him and I loved him in the originals. I loved him in the original Alfie and a bunch of other stuff, but Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron. Just great overall. Edward Norton played a fantastic character as well. So the cast, the action, the twist, everything was just awesome to me. I loved it and I’ve watched it a few times. 

Amanda: Yeah, it’s a really good movie. It was on my long list. It almost made the top five and not. I mean, there was no particular reason it didn’t just I liked the other movies better, but, yeah, it’s a solid movie. Very good. Anything with Edward Norton i’ll always watch. 

Kris: And, of course, Jason Statham he’s in there, too, and he did a couple of those side movies and those main movies before he started taking those big leads and he stood out in those movies, too. And I just enjoyed that kind of Gone in 60 Seconds, crew building and prep work he would do. And we can kind of see how they were going to plan everything and then we see the execution of it and what they were actually planning on doing. And the whole thing with the safe, it was just fun. It was a fun ride to be on and I felt like we were on it with them. And the thing about that was that was the movie that launched the popularity of the minis. The mini happens to be like a family car, my mom has had three and my ex wife had one, and it’s just a thing like my stepdad has one and everybody just like, wow, racing cars. Yeah. So that’s like a whole thing in our family.

Amanda: Hey, that’s cool.

Kris: But paying attention to that. 

Amanda: I’d be afraid to die. [Laughs] That’s why I can’t drive one. [Laughs] They’re so small.

Kris: I can’t–I have a truck so I can’t drive. 

Amanda: I’m in Texas. Trucks are everywhere. Everybody’s got some kind of truck or SUV. You don’t see a lot of small cars here. Yeah, that’s very good. That was a really good movie. And it was definitely on my long list as well. So nice. Well, damn. We have three in common. That’s better than I expected. I’m excited. Honorable mentions?

Kris: Yes, honorable mentions. Actually, I really don’t have too many. I had the ones that I kind of talked about Heat, and I kind of chose some options that may be displaye that story a little bit better for me because it was a little bit not necessarily dated, but a little bit Godfathery you with the big, long, drawn out musical scenes. [Laughs] 

Amanda: It’s a really long movie.

Kris: Inside Man, another one with Denzel Washington and always forget Clive Owen. 

Amanda: Yeah, that’s a good one.

Kris: 21 I left off just because it was a baby heist. I considered it more of a baby heist and Ocean’s Eleven was more the father. So I went with that one over 21, but definitely enjoyed that. Kevin Spacey also not a huge fan of the entire cast in that one like I was in Ocean’s Eleven. 

Amanda: Yeah, I actually thought about putting 21 on there, but I guess for me, I kind of didn’t really think of it as a heist movie so much as a we’ve learned how to cheat casinos by playing cards, but I guess it is if you really think about it, but I’m with you on that. It’s a good movie. I like it. 

Kris: Yeah, it was decent. Baby Driver is probably the best one that didn’t make the list because I just enjoyed that little twist. Also, Kevin Spacey. 

Amanda: Yeah, it’s so disappointing about him because he’s just forever has been one of my all time favorite actors and now I just feel like, man, it’s hard to still like him, but I do. But then I feel bad. It’s kind of like Chris Brown, like, I still like his music, but also, I feel bad listening to it. I’m like, aaah.

Kris: See now Chris Brown is a little bit different. And one of my things I really enjoyed– I love John Travolta. I love his movies. I love him as an actor so the whole Scientology thing and just that whole, I have pretty strong opinions about it because it’s an extremely wild thing when you look into it. I mean, I grew up in California so knowing how close all of that was to me I’m like, wow, but at the same time, you can still be a fan of someone’s art and not necessarily of their choices, because you don’t know what anybody’s choices are. We just happen to because they are celebrities. It’s fair to not — you know. Now for me, like, R. Kelly. I won’t do certain things like, I won’t. I’m like, okay, now I need to delete the music because he still profits and when he went to jail, these girls were still locked up, and I didn’t understand that. I’m like, Are you kidding me? This isn’t a puppy mill. Go ahead and let these women out!

Amanda: This is some insane shit. I didn’t like him that much anyway. Him marrying a 16 year old Aaliyah kind of did it for me. I was like, no, I’m good. 

Kris: Yeah. And one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs of all time was, You Are Not Alone. So to find out that he wrote the song was really troubling to me after I was like, oh, no! Devastating. 

Amanda: I love that song, too. My heart.

Kris: The video. No, not at all. But that’s disturbing. 

Amanda: Cringy. What were they thinking? 

Kris: That’s what I was thinking. I was like, well I know what Michael was thinking, but everyone else should have [Laughs] been like, you wanted? Okay, Michael, we understand but visually, that wouldn’t work…for a lot of reasons. [Laughs]

Amanda: It was, and it wasn’t sexy. It was just like cringey. 

Kris: Disturbing. It wasn’t even a normal–had that not been the two of them it still would have been awkward.

Amanda: Right. 

Kris: Honorable mentions for you?

Amanda: Yes. So I had gotten 60 Seconds, which you kind of mentioned and Baby Driver. One that almost made my top five was Thomas Crown Affair, I really liked that movie.

Kris: I love that movie. 

Amanda: And then you know, the love scene in that one, the sex scene or whatever, it’s hot. Renee Russo is hot. 

Kris: Yeah, man. 

Amanda: And I mean, so is Pierce Brosnan. Renee Russo. I feel like, has aged very well, too. 

Kris: She really has. 

Amanda: She’s so beautiful. I love her.

Kris: She’s looked the same for the last 40 years.

Amanda: Right? But, yeah, that’s a great movie, really good heist movie. I would say my honorable mention that barely missed the top five. I’m wondering if you’ve seen this either, because it’s really old is A Fish Called Wanda. 

Kris: Oh, yeah, I have and that was actually one of the ones that came up, and I was like, not going to put that one on there, maybe on an honorable mention, but yeah, no, I do. I love A Fish Called Wanda. I’ve seen that one. 

Amanda: I think it’s really clever, and it has a lot of good double crossing, and it’s funny and I love Kevin Klein and obviously Jamie Lee Curtis, but..

Kris: Of course, yeah, Kevin Klein, like, he definitely I’ve seen him on a few of his quirkier things. My mom raised me as a Monty Python fan so…

Amanda: Ah, nice.

Kris: A lot of his more quirky stuff I do really enjoy. So I did. I liked that one, I did. I was like, hey, I’m just going to leave it off for heist. 

Amanda: Yeah. And the other one my husband wanted was American Outlaws. That’s one of his favorite movies. They’re bank robbers so I get it. And he’s like, I was like, really, he’s like, It’s fucking Jesse James. I mean, come on and I was like, yeah, you’re right. [Laughs]

Kris: Yeah and it’s a better movie than the Jesse James movie that Brad Pitt was in, so that one wasn’t bad but I enjoyed The American Outlaws better as far as that story. I was wondering if you were going to have a movie like that, like Public Enemies, or what was another good one–I didn’t think you were going to go back to The Sting, but The Sting was–to give us credit that was the original, but it was the original Twist movie.

Amanda: For sure.

Kris: I never forget when I saw that in class and I told my dad I was like, oh, dad, I saw–we watched The Sting, and he was like, Did you see that twist coming?

Amanda: I don’t think I–But I saw it when I was a kid. I haven’t seen it in a long time, but love me some Paul Newman. 

Kris: Absolutely.

Amanda: Good ones. Good ones? Well, yes, I’m impressed. It’s our first time together, and we had three in common. Shows we both have some pretty good taste, which…

Kris: Absolutely.

Amanda: I figured I’m excited to see what everybody thinks, and I will definitely tag you and all the stuff. 

Kris: All right. Well, thank you very much, Amanda. Everybody can check her podcast out the Sip List where she sips wine or whatever and usually has a guest, and they talk about their top five whatever films is what we did. 

Thank you for joining us. Everyone. We’ll check you next time. 


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