REEL Film Reviewed Ranked Top 100 Shows

REEL Film Reviewed podcast makes the Goodpods Top 100 Shows list

REEL Film Reviewed has always strived to be an active member of the podcast community focusing on other Indie podcasters and keeping my brand independently produced under my production company, REEL ProduCtions, LLC. Goodpods is a wonderful listening app designed by those that listen to podcasts and want to see what others are listening to. Recommendations can be a great way to discover anything of interest, and great pods are always in demand.

Kris Chaney Host of REEL Film Reviewed, Goodpods makes the Top 100 Indie, TV, & Film chart and the Top 100 TV/Film Shows Chart

I am honored that Goodpods has featured REEL Film Reviewed’s episodes as team picks and recommendations on the app, REEL Film Reviewed has been and is listed on various lists to include Top 100 Indie podcasts and Top 100 overall podcasts. REEL Film Reviewed received its highest listing so far at #19 on the overall Film/TV Review podcasts lists.

REEL Film Reviewed continues to climb Top 100 charts

I am also humbled to receive the verified influencer yellow check mark on the app, which is Goodpods’ version of the blue Twitter checkmark. I appreciate every single listen and every bit of support. I love reviews and always appreciate the note on how the pod is hitting with you all. A very special thank you to Goodpods for building such a wonderful listening app for us!

Kris Chaney achieves the Yellow Checkmark on Goodpods – their version of the Twitter verified checkmark

Find me on Goodpods to see who I am following and who I am listening to. If you are a fellow podcaster, or podcast lover, please join the Goodpods Group: Podcast Dumpster Fire – here we discuss upcoming episodes and possible ideas or collaborations you may have!

REEL Film Reviewed endorses Goodpods as one of the best podcast listening apps available

Published by Kris C.

Kris is the host of the REEL Film Reviewed podcast, the owner of REEL ProduCtions, LLC, (the capital C is intentional) and is an independent filmmaker.

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