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Ridge Run


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Welcome back everyone. 

This episode REEL Film reviewed Ridge Run, an independent short film that was submitted to the show. 

I’m always so excited to review independent films submitted and this film was submitted to several film festivals and it will be shown at Pinewood Studios Film Festival, at least that we know so far. 

Given that this is a short film, I will be grading this slightly differently using a letter grade scale rather than the usual scale that we normally review with. 

Let’s get into the spoiler free review. 

A man steals something important which has two henchmen chasing him through a Mexican jungle. Will they catch him and recover the item for their boss?

This short was different from many shorts that I’ve seen. Most of them that I’ve seen have ranged from those that were nominated at the Academy and those that are featured on Disney, which contains one of my favorite shorts, Paper Man from 2012. 

But this appeared to be part of the story rather than the traditional format of telling an entire story in ten minutes or less. So this was kind of a piece of the overall story. 

There were a few unknowns at the end of the short which left me wondering about the main points of the film, so lots of unanswered questions.

Looking at the cast, the main characters which were listed as Axel, Lorenzo, Perry and Jaguar were decent in their performances. The henchmen, the driver and the extras were well placed and realistic.

I have to give them credit for the running that they did in the majority of the film. I’m unsure of how long they actually ran, but it appeared to be a lifetime on screen. So shout out to them for doing all of that running and it was uphill and downhill and the terrain was different and it really did appear to be a Mexican jungle. I’m not certain where it was filmed either, but decent. 

The Real View rating, B minus. 

This film was shot very well, the cinematography and the sound stood out the most during the running scenes. The sound quality was great throughout the film and was well mixed and I think that was one of my most enjoyable pieces. 

While I think this could have been a great story, I couldn’t tell that on screen. As mentioned, this was different from the traditional short format and I think because of that difference, this film lost a little bit of the magic that you get when creating a short.

There were a lot of unanswered questions and most of them about the key elements of the film. So it kind of seemed like it was more of a scene or a couple of scenes from an overall story, possibly there could be more relating to this film. 

Technical Details

This film will be released December 24th of 2021. It was written and directed by Terrance Brashun  starring Terrance Brashun , Max Calzz, Harold Smith II, Nikki Cruz and Cris Denmon.

It is unrated with a runtime of ten minutes and 8 seconds.

It will debut on Villain Wood streaming platform at

Thanks for listening everyone, I’ll catch you next time. 


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