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Chris Evans’ Buzz “Lightyear” Movie Trailer reveals his Origin Story Yep, a Buzz Lightyear movie is coming to theatres with an expected release date of June 17, 2022. Angus MacLane is helming this with possibly Peter Doctor writing the script, and we hope he is since the characters were created by him. This film will be an origin story focusing on the story ofContinue reading “Chris Evans’ Buzz “Lightyear” Movie Trailer reveals his Origin Story”

Manifest Producer Working on Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2

Famed director and producer Robert Zemeckis is in the development stages of Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2, the sequel to the 1988 hit. Not much is known about the story including who will star in it, but we can bet one thing, with Robert Zemeckis involved, it can certainly be another hit. Zemeckis wasn’t alwaysContinue reading “Manifest Producer Working on Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2”

Transcribed Ep 28: Double Feature – Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills (2021) Welcome to REEL Film Reviewed the show that delivers short spoiler free reviews of films, TV shows, and limited series followed by a deep dive discussion. Brought to you by your host Kris Chaney, here is REEL Film Reviewed. Welcome back to REEL Film Reviewed. This episode I decided to do another double featureContinue reading “Transcribed Ep 28: Double Feature – Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills (2021)”

All 12 Halloween Movies Ranked in the Franchise

Warning: May Contain Spoilers Following one of the most successful film releases in Halloween history, Halloween Kills the middle piece to director Gordon Green’s reboot trilogy hits $50.4M opening day. As of the time of this article it’s overall gross to date is $255.6M.Since Halloween (2018) begins 40 years after the original Halloween II (1981),Continue reading “All 12 Halloween Movies Ranked in the Franchise”