Transcriptions now available on REEL Film Reviewed!

Beginning with episode 25, every episode will have the transcription available within 48 hours. View the show notes for the link to the transcribed episode and also check the posts here for links to each episode. This is a very exciting step for REEL Film Reviewed as this makes the podcast available to the hearingContinue reading “Transcriptions now available on REEL Film Reviewed!”

Ep 25: No One Gets Out Alive (R.2021)

A short, spoiler free review on No One Gets Out Alive. Directed by Santiago Menghini; starring Christina Rodlo, Victoria Alcock, Marc Menchaca, and David Figlioli.  An immigrant woman travels to the US after her mother dies, to pursue a new life, and while waiting for a job interview, she is forced to take a roomContinue reading “Ep 25: No One Gets Out Alive (R.2021)”

Listener’s Choice Ep: Tenet (R.2020)

A short, spoiler free review on Tenet, followed by a deep dive into the film. Written and directed by Christopher Nolan; starring John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, and Sir Michael Caine. An unnamed CIA operative, known as The Protagonist, is recruited by a mysterious organization called, Tenet to participate in a global missionContinue reading “Listener’s Choice Ep: Tenet (R.2020)”