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REEL Film Reviewed is proudly sponsored and affiliated with others to provide opportunities to listeners

Newsly Audio App

Newsly is an all-in-one audio super app for IOS and Android. It picks up the most trending articles on the web on topics you choose at any given moment and reads them to you in a natural human voice. REEL Film Reviewed is a featured podcast on Newsly. 


Rum Runnas Podcast Network

REEL Film Reviewed is proud to be a part of the Rum Runnas Podcast Network! Check out the full list of podcasts on the network.

Rum Runnas Podcast Network Website

Podcast Hosting

Start your podcast with an industry leading podcast hosting platform, Podbean.com, an easy and powerful way to start podcasting. Podbean is where REEL Film Reviewed published its first episode.

Podbean Podcast Hosting

Marv’s Midlife Meanderings Blog

Martin “Marv” Quibell has been blogging with blogspot since 2011 and has three active blogs. Marv’s Midlife Meanderings, Marv listens and reflects on many different podcasts, and writes summary blogs of each episode. It is a wonderful way to promote and share your podcast with those all over the world!

Marv’s Midlife Meanderings Blog

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