New and Upcoming Superhero Movies and Series Part 1

Compiled by Kris Chaney 25. Hawkeye – Series – Wednesday November 24, 2021 This series, which will premiere on Disney+, will focus heavily on the comic, or so it has been reported so far. It will star Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye and Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop. 24. Spider-Man: No Way Home – Movie –Continue reading “New and Upcoming Superhero Movies and Series Part 1”

Transcribed Ep 30: Dune (R.2021)

REEL Film Reviewed Podcast Episode 30 REEL Film Reviewed –  Show Transcript Dune Intro Welcome to REEL Film Reviewed the show that delivers short spoiler free reviews of films, TV shows, and limited series followed by a deep dive discussion. Brought to you by your host Kris Chaney, here is REEL Film Reviewed. Episode WelcomeContinue reading “Transcribed Ep 30: Dune (R.2021)”